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Part-II-New Advanced Synthesis for High Performance Anti-Corrosive Lubricants of some Selected Inorganic Pigments II-2D and 3D-Nanostructural Features of Laser Assisted Anatase Phase TiO2

Author(s): Elsabawy KM, Refat MS and Fallatah AM

Advanced solution route was successfully applied to synthesize nano-anatase. Ultrahigh energy He-Ag-Laser (224.3 nm) irradiations coupled with sonication were applied for the 1sttime as grains sizes splitter (promoter to lower sizes). The present investigations managed to introduce thermally-stable anatase TiO2 with ultrahigh BET surface area (789 m2g-1). Ti(IV)-tetra iso-propoxide (TTIP) was applied as precursor for synthesizing nano-TiO2. The produced gel (HO-Ti-O-Ti-O-Ti-OH)n was divided into two equal portions one as blank and other one forwarded to sonication/laser irradiations treatments by time dose equal to ~10 min. of laser irradiations per hour of sonication. Finally produced irradiated Gel dried in oven at 130°C followed by microwave assist to avoid any solvent tracer and finally sintered at 560°C for 4 h. The produced Ti(IV) oxide was carefully investigated and well characterized by Raman spectra, XRD, SEM and 3D-AFM.

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