Oxygen Removal from the White Wine in Winery

Author(s): VladimirBales, DominikFurman, Pavel Timar and Milos Sevcik

The presence of oxygen in the reductive technology of the wine production has very detrimental effect particularly on the quality of white wines. Oxygen dissolves in wine mainly during its manipulation (filtration, transfer, bottling) but also during its storage. In our work we focused on the influence of nitrogen flowrate on the removal of oxygen from white wine in real technological conditions of winery. Concentration of oxygen dissolved in wine was measured by an oxoluminescence method using NOMA Sense O2/P300 analyzer. Nitrogen flowrate was mechanically regulated by the valve on the pipeline and measured by electronic flow detector. The removal of oxygen from white wine by injection of nitrogen during the transport of white wine was studied. It was shown that oxygen concentration in wine should be diminished from 2,6 mg.l-1 to lower than 0,6mg.l-1 at flow rate of wine 26 m3.h-1. The maximum of nitrogen flow rate was 5 Nm3.h-1.

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