Oxidative decomposition of malathion-pesticide by using manganese-doped Bi-Sr-vanadate nano-surface catalyst

Author(s): M.Khaled Elsabawy, M.Mosrsy Abou Sekkina, A.Mohamed Asker

The kinetics of oxidative decomposition of malathion pesticide using selected manganese-doped Bi-Sr-Vanadate Bi2SrV1.9Mn0.1O9 was studied carefully in ethanolic solution in the presence of H2O2 under condition of pseudo-first order reaction. The catalyst was prepared by conventional solid state reaction technique; the structural and micro-structural properties of the catalyst were characterized well by XRD and SEM respectively. Many of the kinetic parameters were investigated in this article, results obtained indicated that, the rate of oxidative degradation of malathion was found to be pH-dependent. The mechanism was proposed and the activation parameters were calculated.

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