Oxidation of pentaerythritol by diperodatocuprate(III) in alkalinemedium-a kinetic andmechanistic study

Author(s): Jinhuan Shan, QianqianWang

The kinetic of oxidation of Pentaerythritol by Diperodatocuprate(III)(DPC) in alkaline medium had been studied spectrophtometrically in the different of temperatures range of 20C-40C. The reaction of Pentaerythritol is the first order in each [DPC] by experiment determination. The rate constant kobs increasedwith increase in [OH-] and [pentaerythritol] with increasing of the temperature. However, the kobs decreased with increase in [IO4 -]. In addition, therewas a nega-tive salt effect. The reaction constants which involved in the different steps of the mechanisms are calculated.Activation parameters which controlled by slow step of the mechanism are discussed and thermodynamic quantities are determined. Therefore, the activation parameters at 298.2Kwere calculated.

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