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Oxidation of Cobalt (III) Complexes of -Hydroxy Acids by Potassium Bromated in the Presence of Surfactant

Author(s): N. Prabu and Mansur Ahmed

An induced electron transfer reaction has been attempted presently with potassium bromate and pentaammine cobalt (III) complexes of α-hydroxy acids in the presence of micelles. The reaction exhibits second order kinetics and in the case of mandelato complexes the amount of cobalt (III) reduced corresponds to nearly 70% of mandelato complex is converted to keto acid cobalt (III) complex. In potassium bromate induced electron transfer in the complex, the intermediate radical formed dissociates in a nearly synchronous manner with C-C bond cleavage and the rest of it proceeding with α-C-H fission yielding keto acid cobalt (III) complex. With increasing the detergent concentration, an increase in the rate is observed.

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