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Overcoming Gravity and Approach to Universe Exploration by Cosmic Levitation

Author(s): Evgeny Bryndin

 In the Universe, everything is subject to certain Laws (principles, rules) and naturally that the process of gravity cannot be an exception. Gravitational energy regulates interactions in the universe: nuclear, chemical, electrical, and others. Each massive body generates a force gravitational field of attraction to it. Gravitational interaction spreads instantly. Masses or energy-carrying particles moving in gravitational fields emit gravitational waves. The signal from gravitational waves comes at about the same frequency as our inner speech. Gravitational waves carry information about energy, time and space. Humanity has long sought to overcome the power of gravity. If you shield the connection with the Earth's core, then there will be an attraction to another field in the sky. The article discusses ways to overcome gravity on earth and in outer space. The approach of cosmic levitation to interstellar galactic travel in the universe is also being considered. To levitate spacecraft, you need to use the setting on the fields of attraction. To levitate a spacecraft from Earth to the Universe, it is necessary to bring its energy to such activity that its ether contours will absorb the energy sphere of the target gravitational field. The reason for levitation and infinite energy lies in the ethereal shell, which needs a complex of vibrations of the field of attraction.

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