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, Volume: 12( 1) DOI: 10.37532/2320–6756.2023.12(1).254

Overcoming Gravity and Approach to Universe Exploration by Cosmic Levitation

Evgeny Bryndin Professional Researcher of Engineering Research Association (AER), Novosibirsk, Russia, E-mail:

Received date: 27-January-2023, Manuscript No. tsse-23-88018; Editor assigned: 30-January-2023, PreQC No. tsse-23-88018 (PQ); Reviewed: 1-February-2023, QC No tsse-23-88018 (Q); Revised: 6-February-2023, Manuscript No. tsse-23-88018 (R); Published: 8-February - 2023, DOI. 10.37532/2320–6756.2023.12(1).254

Citation:Bryndin E. Overcoming Gravity and Approach to Universe Exploration by Cosmic Levitation, J Space Explor.2023; 12(1).254


 In the Universe, everything is subject to certain Laws (principles, rules) and naturally that the process of gravity cannot be an exception. Gravitational energy regulates interactions in the universe: nuclear, chemical, electrical, and others. Each massive body generates a force gravitational field of attraction to it. Gravitational interaction spreads instantly. Masses or energy-carrying particles moving in gravitational fields emit gravitational waves. The signal from gravitational waves comes at about the same frequency as our inner speech. Gravitational waves carry information about energy, time and space. Humanity has long sought to overcome the power of gravity. If you shield the connection with the Earth's core, then there will be an attraction to another field in the sky. The article discusses ways to overcome gravity on earth and in outer space. The approach of cosmic levitation to interstellar galactic travel in the universe is also being considered. To levitate spacecraft, you need to use the setting on the fields of attraction. To levitate a spacecraft from Earth to the Universe, it is necessary to bring its energy to such activity that its ether contours will absorb the energy sphere of the target gravitational field. The reason for levitation and infinite energy lies in the ethereal shell, which needs a complex of vibrations of the field of attraction.


Gravity; Gravitational waves; Overcoming gravity; Interstellar development of the Universe


They learned to use gravitational energy rationally. When people push swings, they get the energy of gravity. In the early 2000s, Chinese inventors Lawrence TSEUNG (Cheung LEE) proposed a way to extract energy from gravity based on their adjusted pendulum theory. They realized that if you push the pendulum, then it immediately begins to withdraw gravitational energy. If the momentum of force F continues to be applied to the pendulum in resonance, then it will continue to extract gravitational energy. This energy can be extracted, for example, if the metal pendulum is forced to cross magnetic field lines, then the mechanical energy will be converted into electrical energy. Rotational motion can be used to more effectively implement this principle. Such devices can work everywhere, even on the moon, because gravitational energy is unlimited.

The vertical vibration that occurs when vehicles move allows energy to be generated by the oceans. Israel has begun the practical implementation of generating electricity using gravity, using piezoelectric elements, converting the pressure of a passing car onto the roadway.

The Swiss-American company Energy Vault has developed gravitational energy storage devices to preserve solar and wind energy

The energy storage process is as follows. At the moments of excess energy received from windmills or solar panels, the crane electric motors turn on from it and raise blocks weighing 35 tons to a height. If energy is required, the units are lowered, thus starting the operation of electric generators. The efficiency of the installation is up to 85%. At the same time, the EVx installation effectively gives energy from two to four hours, and has a service life of up to 35 years! The storage version has parameters: height 150 m-160 m, and they consist of 6000 blocks-7000 blocks. The EVx has a capacity of 10 MWh- 35 MWh and an output capacity of 2 MW-5 MW. EVx can be used at construction sites, mines and other sites. Gravitational energy is currently widely used [1-10]. Gravitational interaction is characteristic of all bodies in the Universe and manifests itself in their mutual attraction to each other. Gravitational interaction occurs through a gravitational field that exists around a star, planet, etc. Thanks to gravitational interaction, the Earth gives all bodies near its surface acceleration according to the law of universal gravity.

The law of universal gravity has certain boundaries, which allows you to overcome gravity. The article describes ways to overcome gravity, as well as an approach to the development of the universe

Gravitational interaction

Gravitational fields have energy and therefore participate in gravitational interaction. Force interaction of gravitational energies occurs (FIG. 1).


Figure 1: Interaction of gravitational energies.

The subject of discussion is the properties of gravitational interaction, gradually refined by astrophysical observations when recording gravitational waves. Gravitational waves are pulsations in spacetime caused by some of the strongest processes in the universe. Gravitational waves propagate in all directions from the source (FIG. 2).


Figure 2: Propagation of gravitational waves

Stars and black holes, the type of system in the universe that emits powerful gravitational waves [11-15]. LIGO (Laser Interferometer-MIT Gravitational Wave Observatory) physically detected vibrations in spacetime caused by gravitational waves created by two colliding black holes 1.3 billion light-years away.

According to the theory of gravity, which postulated the instantaneous action of gravity, therefore the speed of gravitational waves can be greater than the speed of light. Gravitational-wave signals are more powerful, the larger the mass of merging compact objects, and the larger the mass, the farther the visibility horizon.

Gravitational waves interact very weakly with matter. They pass through the universe almost unimpeded. Waves carry information about their origin, free from distortion or change, when passing through intergalactic space.

Processes and examples of overcoming gravity

Is man the perfect and perfect creation of the Universe. A direct likeness of the Most High Creator, who has yet to uncover the limitlessness of his potential abilities and opportunities that he actually already possesses, but so far they are hidden to us. They sometimes show up in stressful situations. Let's consider examples from life concerning gravity. A person is capable of flights and walking on water.

Ascension and walking on the water of Jesus Christ. Walking on the water of sleepwalkers. Levitation of Hindus. Daniel Home is a 19th century world-renowned levitator and levitator, Wilbert Smith, a 20th century scholar

The polar pilot was repairing his plane and suddenly saw a polar bear behind his back, who lightly pushed his pilot's paw into his shoulder, as if inviting him to look back. In a split second, the pilot was already standing on the wing of an aircraft located above the surface of the earth at an altitude of about two meters. Later, the pilot was never able to explain how he managed to do this. From ancient chronicles, for example, it is known that in the 1st century, Emperor Domitian instituted a trial in Rome over the philosopher Apollonius, and the defendant disappeared from the hall in front of the emperor and everyone else. He teleported and showed up the same day a few days away from Rome (Flavius Philostratus "Life of Apollonius of Tiana").

From 1620 to 1631, a young novice of one of the Catholic monasteries, Maria, while in Spain, teleported more than 500 times for missionary work in Central America. Almost all this time, she kept a diary, where she described the Earth she saw in the form of a blue rotating ball. The lack of gravity in the Bermuda Triangle is well described by many events.

There is a physical hypothesis based on the assumption that there is anti-gravity energy in space. A few years ago, there were reports of a possible violation of the law of gravity on the scale of the solar system, when data were obtained on unexplained changes in the nature of the movement of 4 space probes that reached the edges of the solar system. More recently, it also became obvious that already in outer space hydrogen jets accelerate and scatter in all directions not only from Earth, but also from the central star clusters of galaxies.

Using magnetic systems that create a large eigenvector potential and orienting it relative to the potential of the Universe, it is possible to obtain forces of large magnitude and use them to overcome gravity. In 1946, John Searle announced his discovery of the fundamental nature of magnetism. He found that the addition of a small component of alternating current radio frequency (~10 MHz) during the manufacture of permanent ferrite magnets gives them new and unexpected properties, namely, during the interaction of such magnets, incomprehensible forces arose, leading to unusual movements of the magnet system. Searle developed a generator from these magnets and began experiments with it. The generator was tested outdoors and powered by a small engine. It produced an unusually high electrostatic potential of the order of a million volts (according to him), which manifested itself through electrostatic discharges near the generator. The unexpected happened once. Generator, do not stop rotating.

When the bird flaps its wings, it generates a circular vortex beneath it, which moves after the wings. The vortex is an inert clot of air and has a mass and density greater than the rest of the air. The bird rests on it, lowering the wing smoothly so as not to destroy, and allows the stream inside the vortex to push itself.

Space is a seething ocean. Our galaxy is a vortex, our solar system, our planet is a vortex, or a vortex of vortices. A whirlwind even on our top. Waves and vortices, attraction and repulsion, vibration and flow occur one of the other. The vibration of the conductor atoms creates an ethereal vortex in the form of a torus, a magnetic field, as well as the swing of the wings creates an air ring vortex. Cycles of vortex formation and decay, which as a spring store and give energy, are the basis of cycles in nature.

There are representatives of scientific thought who are trying to master subtle types of matter with intelligence. They established that this energy reacts to the thoughts of a human experimenter. There is an energy-information level of the fine state of matter, which is primary to relatively dense matter. This conclusion will allow not only to understand gravity, but also to reveal the secret of the emergence of dense bodies in the Universe. The dense layer of the Universe is secondary, relatively thin species of matter in an energy-information state. It arose after the appearance of thin forms of matter in the form of clumps of two states of energy of Light and Darkness. Knowing the energy of Light, the path of our development, with a spiritual priority.

If you shield the connection with the core of the Earth, then there will be an attraction in the Sky and then the body can rise up. This happened to some people if they switched their consciousness from earthly being to God. Jesus Christ could walk on water and soar into the clouds. And it was possible to do this for some people when they were in a spiritual state. This is the difference between spiritual and earthly people. Some are attached to the core of the Earth, and others to Heaven.

Aspects of cosmic ethereal levitation

Outer space represents an energy information structure. The essence of the universe is vibrational and vibrational processes. The information is represented by vibrations and the energy is represented by vibrations. There is a close relationship between ether information and energy. Ether is a substance from which all objects of physical outer space are composed. Ether determines the active manifestation of an essence or event through the active manifestation of the internal content filling the form and the desire of the form to merge with the environment. The process of transmutation of matter is an ethereal technology. Knowledge of matter transmutation provides insight into the dependence of resonance on the form and content of a particular matter. An important component in the transmutation of matter is the set and quality of the entire complex of the inner spiritual circuit of the essence. Jesus Christ materialized bread and fish by ethereal transmutation and fed five thousand people (Mark 6: 34-44). Neo-Hindu religious leader and guru Sai Baba (1926-2011) materialised vibhuti ashes into gold pieces. Stone multi-ton blocks of the Egyptian pyramids developed civilization received on the basis of ether transmutation technology.

The process of transmutation of matter on the planet is possible only with the consent of the planet itself. The process of transmutation of matter is obliged to coordinate the essence with the spectral code of the planet. In the process of transmutation of matter, there is a mutual exchange of energy and information flows between the entity, matter and the planet. Matter is transmutated (rearranged) by the pressure of the resonant process. Resonant pressure control translates matter into a new quality. The new quality connects with the like and comes into motion. The essence can carry out levitation due to ether energy at superluminal speed. Ethereal levitation in outer space requires rebuilding the oscillatory complex of the inner spiritual circuit of an entity to the resonant frequency of the place where the entity seeks to get. In this case, the essence must know the exact value of the resonant frequency and have an external and internal tuning fork. The outer tuning fork can be a complex technical device. The inner tuning fork is adjusted by the formation of the inner spiritual circuit. Travel in outer space is associated with phase modulation (holographic effect). Phase modulation is realized by the ability to determine and set directions during the search for the place of outer space.

Spacecrafts and planetary diamagnetic grid of levitation


Spacecrafts hover at an altitude of 40 cm-50 cm above the ground, supported by a coherent beam of plasma energy. Coherence is a consistent time course of several wave processes with a constant phase difference. The plasma flow from the ship's nozzle comes vertically down only at a distance of 30 cm-10 cm, and then turns upward, forming an annular coil. The plasma flow looks like a cylindrical light blue flame, a ring diverging downward. The flow expires continuously. The plasma beam breaks out through an extremely dense sieve of very heavy metal located at the bottom of the sphere. Above the ship rises an elongated dome made of transparent material and consisting of many wedge-shaped ribs; which is a solid piece of material with transparent ribs that rise vertically upward and connect there. At the base, the dome is surrounded by a smooth polished silver ring, the surface of which is covered with stainless steel. From this ring to the upper part of the ship there is a corrugated coating. The lower part of the ship, starting from the nozzle and ending with the side surface, is well polished. The convex ribs do not connect at one point, but rather approach a small hole closed by a rounded plate with a finely ribbed surface. It is not rounded like the rest of the disk edges, but has sectors. This grooved plate rotates rapidly counterclockwise between the ribs of the housing. At the same time, she spreads an orange glow around her. A rotating magnetic field is created for the flight of the spaceship. You can do without a rotating magnetic field using the diamagnetic effect. Diamagnetic properties have all materials without exception.


A small short-term vortex of diamagnetic levitation is created, which is identical in function to the large vortices of the Earth's constant diamagnetic levitation in places such as Coral Castle, Florida or Alice Springs, Australia. The aircraft needs energy. Gives her an ethereal generator. An ether generator provides completely free energy in unlimited quantities. A planetary grid is used to take off and land the spaceship. The planetary grid is an ethereal structure of force lines that spans the planet.

The north-south direction of the line is called magnetic, and the east-west direction of the line is called diamagnetic. Earth's planetary grid includes the diamagnetic lines of the famous Bermuda Triangle - this is the eastern part of the diamagnetic energy of gravitational vortices and levitation. The diamagnetic field of the earth's flux of diamagnetic energy enters the zone from south to north.

Levitation arises due to diamagnetism existing on the surface of the Earth. Diamagnetism acts at an angle of 90 degrees from the magnetic in three directions. Magnetism flows in the plane of the Earth's surface, and diamagnetism flows straight up. Diamagnetism directs levitation upwards.

Literature Review

Mastering the universe

The gravity of planets can be used. The spacecraft, once in the gravitational field of the planet, will definitely change its speed. In this way, the kinetic energy of the interplanetary station can be changed without fuel costs. The fuel economy achieved by using the magic power of gravity is colossal. The calculation of ballistic trajectories is an unsolvable task, requiring tremendous computing power to perform a sufficient number of iterations. The growth of computing power allows you to take into account the influence of an increasing number of massive objects, transferring this influence from the category of inevitable calculation error to the category of previously predicted ones. The accuracy of celestial mechanics, the accuracy of observations and calculations and the use of gravitational engines will improve spaceflight. Thus, the number of launch windows will grow. Then flight calculations using our planetary system can be carried out according to the schedule

Bodies consist of gravitational masses. Bodies have the ability to excite gravitational fields in the surrounding space. The manifestation of gravitational fields of rotating bodies is observed by humans very often. The greater the speed of rotation - the greater the centripetal acceleration the greater the gravitational interaction of the rotating body with the infinitely large mass of the universe. For the occurrence of gravitational interaction, it is enough to fluctuate mass on the one hand, and energy, waves that do not have a measurable mass, on the other. For the occurrence of a gravitational field, the process of releasing or absorbing energy, the process of wave formation or wave absorption is also sufficient. The energy of directed thermal motion passes into the energy of gravitational radiation, and that, in turn, into the energy of mechanical motion.

Nano design of artificial body of gravitational mass of small dimensions of high density with powerful adjustable gravitational force will allow to use it for gravitational nano suits of astronauts [16]. The initial mass for the nano construction of a gravitational tractor and other gravitational forms can be space ice. At first, by the word of God, the heavens and the earth are composed of water and water (2nd Epistle of Peter 3:5)

Artificial gravity in space is vital. The creation of artificial gravity is key to protecting the health of astronauts in long-term space missions.

Studies and experiments show that it is possible to adjust the structural forms of artificial anti-gravity [17,18]. On March 4, 2020, an article was published in the Scientific Report on the biofabrication of a three-dimensional structure using the levitation effect. The particles are levitated, then they are assembled into a structure that is set by a certain program. The structural forms of the nano gravitational mass will make it possible to create schematic diagrams of transmitters and receivers of gravitational waves. Gravitational waves are the inner speech of the universe, signals of which propagate at an equivalent frequency of internal speech of a person. This will allow interstellar space and galactic communication based on gravitational waves passing the galaxy due to superluminal speed in an acceptable short time. Sincere prayer of the energetically inflamed soul in spirit to the Lord is instantly delivered by its gravitational wave to the angel keeper (heavenly servant of the Lord). Gravitational waves are created by precession of magnetic moments, like dynamic longitudinal waves in an ethereal medium [19]. The propagation of a gravitational wave represents the longitudinal deformation of an ethereal field at superluminal velocity due to its superpowered energy. The ethereal field responds instantly to deformation

To achieve the gravitational technological success of galactic communication and gain access to the Universe, humanity must move from consumer life to spiritual way of life. The spirit creates forms of interaction and movement depending on the state of the spirit of the person and society as a whole. With the spiritual structure of society, perfect people, successfully using the possibilities of technology and nature, will be able to communicate with internal speech at a distance on the basis of gravitational waves and fly independently in space.

Communication between representatives of the Universe is carried out by living information. The living information of a person, the meanings of the soul, are accumulated and stored in the form of holograms. The novelty is revealed by the coordination of holograms through the holographic scenario of the development of the Universe in time prescribed by the laws of the Creator. Coordination of holograms is carried out in the ethereal field depending on the spiritual state. The entities of the spiritual world activate people who are in spiritual unity with them, by ethereal energy, that covers the entire Universe and participates in all processes. The prayer of the Jerusalem Patriarch to God on Easter in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior activates the ether energy in the form of sparking ether (the descent of a non-burning fire).

"There are also celestial bodies, and bodies terrestrial: but the glory of the celestial is one, and the glory of the terrestrial is another. There is one glory of the sun, and another glory of the moon, and another glory of the stars: for one star differeth from another star in glory (1 Corinthians 14-15: 41)". Each planet and star has its own individual energy code, so you need to tune the space nano technological apparatus to the desired combination of vibrations and their rhythm. Just as a person adjusts to the rhythm of music vibrations and activates on movements, falling into the field of their influence.

The Creator of the Universe GOD is the harmonious origin of dynamics. Created celestial luminaries have powerful energy fields of attraction and their own harmonious spectrum, which can be fixed with a spectrogram and hologram. Which allows you to configure for their individual energy code.

The astronaut must have a developed sense and experience of perceiving the harmonious rhythms of the Universe. From a state of dense matter, you need to be able to switch to less dense ether energy and then the spacecraft levitates almost instantly to the planet or star to which it is tuned. There, energy is again compacted to the desired stage of density, and you can appear there in your bodies if consciousness and psyche were ready (lack of fear) for a quantum jump from one planet to another.

Based on modern technologies, the achievements of science and technology can be modeled the functional architecture of an antigravitational spacecraft with the above actions and functions for interplanetary levitation. Based on the physical laws of interaction, it is possible to simulate the technical operation of an aircraft based on resonant technology using the gravitational principle of levitation in the Universe.

The physical properties of a spacecraft's flight are its ability to fly at huge speeds and instantly develop speeds from a fixed hover, as well as the ability to perform sharp maneuvers and hover or instantly change the direction of its movement. The direction of the spacecraft is controlled by changing the amplitude-phase distribution of the currents of the excitation fields on the emitting individual elements. The spacecraft flies in the atmosphere at huge speeds completely silently, without disturbing the environment. When a spacecraft enters another planet's field of attraction, it becomes invisible.

The simulation of cosmic levitation consists of three stages. At the first stage, resonant adjustment of the aircraft on its field of attraction is carried out by the spectral code of the target planet using its radiating elements. At the second stage, the aircraft is levitated under amplitude-phase control of its radiating elements. At the third stage, energy gravitational adaptation to the conditions of the planet is carried out.

Space levitation will be initiated by intergalactic interstellar interplanetary astronomical maps indicating the spectral codes of planets and stars identified by their spectrograms and holograms.

Sometimes people who have no fear in a dream carry out levitation above the ground like birds. The soul in a dream leaves the body in the ethereal shell and levitates to familiar places, then returns back [20].

The levitation and energy of the world ether act according to the law of anti-gravity. Anti-gravity is energy ethereal levitation. Ether is considered as a material scaled substance, which consists of nucleons. Nucleons are characterized by certain vibrations of pulse interaction. Structurally, the nucleon consists of a nucleus, an inner region with a spatial resonance zone of interaction velocities and a shell representing the surface of the nucleon sphere. Due to vibrations of pulse interaction, energy ether levitation is carried out. Experiments confirm that the ether exists that it is quite possible to work with it technically, up to gravity control, free energy extraction, achievement of superluminal speeds, energy and information transmission, and soon we can expect a wide introduction of inventions in the field of energy production, transport and communications [21]. The basis of the ether field are rings of wave processes connected into an ordered structure. Ethereal energy exceeds nuclear energy by ten to the seventy-fourth degree. To be able to use this energy, you need to choose a suitable resonator. Cosmic levitation, as a physical process, is a natural way of mastering the Universe [22].


Korovin's flying apparatus was demonstrated in action in 1917 in the presence of his friends, Count Alexei Nikolaevich Tolstoy and Konstantin Eduardovich Tsiolkovsky. The apparatus is made of magnetic metal, including meteorite iron and rare earth metals. The magnetic metal was an active power nanomaterial. The body of the device glowed when the evening twilight came. The magnetic metal allowed you to adjust the density of the ether of the environment, repel from it or attract to the ground. By controlling magnetic rudders, the device could move in the desired direction - up, down, in any of the directions of the world.

The approval of the spiritual structure of life, the development of gravitational technology and the development of space levitation will practically begin to master the Universe. Sinful humans are bound by gravity to Earth. The connection of the spirit of a peaceful righteous person with the spirit of the Lord can put an obstacle to the action of the gravity of the earth.

God the Creator guides the development of the universe, setting up spiritual freedom, in accordance with the craft. The solar system commissioned the Son for spiritual purification. After cleansing, peaceful righteous ones, like servants of God, like the Son and guided by the wisdom of the Creator, will move to universal spiritual service, each in the star system of the New Heaven. The perfect people of Novaya Zemlya will ensure the cosmic levitation of the New Universe for development