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Optimization of Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Used in a Rankine Cycle of Exhaust Gas Waste Heat Recovery System Using CFD

Author(s): TVS Siva and P Sai Chaitanya

The shell and tube heat exchanger model and materials used will influence the effectiveness of heat exchanger. Comparing the different models with different materials enables us to suggest a suitable model and material for heat exchanger. This suggested model and material can recover more waste heat from Rankine cycle exhaust gas waste heat recovery system. For comparing several heat exchangers under the same boundary conditions CFD is a powerful tool. So, in this context, we have to optimize the existing design of heat exchanger by varying baffles and materials. As it takes a lot of time and money to fabricate a heat exchanger with different materials and baffles, computer simulations were carried out in the present work to optimize the design of the exchanger.

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