Optimization of MRR and Surface Roughness of In Situ Formed AA7075/TiB2 Composite Grey Based Taguchi Method

Author(s): C. Ahilan and H. B. Michael Rajan

This paper presents the multi-response optimization of Wire EDM process parameters using grey based Taguchi method. Taguchi’s L9 orthogonal array design technique has been employed for experimental investigation. The different machining parameters (Pulse on time, Pulse off time, Peak current, Wire feed) on Material Removal Rate (MRR) and Surface Roughness of AA7075/ TiB2 (3wt%) Metal Matrix Composite were optimized. Taguchi’s Signal-to-Noise (S/N) ratio are determined based on their performance characteristics. A grey relation grade is obtained by using S/N ratio. Based on grey relational grade value, optimum levels of parameters have been identified by using response table and response graph and the significant contributions of controlling parameters are estimated using analysis of variances (ANOVA). Confirmation test is conducted for the optimal machining parameters to validate the test result. The proposed method is having prediction accuracy and competency.

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