Optimization of Lubricants and Recycling

Author(s): D.Gribi

 1. Concerned with preserving the quality of the environment, there is the need to develop more and more efficient oils, which respond to the technological evolutions of the uses and with spaces (time of use or distance traveled) of emptying of longer and longer. As such, it is necessary to introduce new quality such as semi-synthetic and synthetic oils and

biosynthetic for petrol engines and diesel engines to meet the new requirements of car manufacturers. 
2. Substitute the mixed oils with the fuel (then burned in the engine) by other non-polluting product or the use of other technique.
3. Proposal to improve the lubrication of equipment with a specific and recyclable gas
4. Use of an indicator to indicate the duration of use of each oil on line to optimize the use of the oils and to limit the random or
visual emptying only (do not refer to the distance traveled).
5. The recycling of the oils, the reuse of the latter as appropriate, and the degree of its contamination.

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