Optical properties of anisotropic nanogolds from finite element method

Author(s): M.Benhamou, A.R.Senoudi, F.Lallam, A.Boussaid, A.Bensafi

In this paper, we consider dispersed nanogolds, and the aim is a quantitative study of the associated optical absorption and scattering cross-sections, as a function of their shape and aspect ratio. The finite element method, known to be a very useful and versatile computational tool for particles with any arbitrary shape and embedded in a dielectric matrix, is used. Our study is focused on the ellipsoid and cylinder shapes. The obtained numerical results are naturally compared to those predicted by theoretical models. Also, we discuss the effects of the shell on the cylinder plasmonic behaviors. The main conclusion is that, the shape is another pertinent parameter that drastically affects the optical properties of the dispersed nanogolds.

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