On the corrosion behaviour of Al/SiC and Al/Al2O3 metal matrix nanocomposites

Author(s): T.S.Mahmoud, E.Y.E-lkady, A.Al-Shihri

The present investigation studies of the static immersion corrosion behavior of Al/Al2O3 and Al/SiC nanocomposites in 1 M HCl solution. The aforementioned nanocomposites were fabricated using conventional powder metallurgy (P/M) route. The effect of nanoparticles size and volume fraction on the corrosion behavior of nanocomposites was studied. The durations of the corrosion tests ranged from 24 to 120 hours and the temperature of the solution ranged from ambient to 75 oC. The corrosion rates of the nanocomposites were calculated using the weight lossmethod. The results showed thatAl/SiC andAl/Al/Al2O3MMNCs exhibited lower corrosion rates than the pureAlmatrix. Such behavior was noticed at both room temperature and higher temperatures. Generally, the Al/Al2O3 nanocomposites exhibited lower corrosion rates than the Al/SiC nanocomposites. TheAl/Al/Al2O3 containing (60 nm) exhibited the higher corrosion resistance among all the investigated nanocomposites. The corrosion rate was reduced with the increase the exposure time and the volume fraction of the nanoparticles. While it increased with increasing the nanoparticles size and the solution temperature.

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