Obtaining of Liquid Fuel from Coal in the Presence of the Polymers

Author(s): D. A. Baiseitov, Sh. E. Gabdrashova, A. K. Akylbai, O. Dalelkhanuly, Zh. B. Kudyarova, L. R. Sassykova, M. I. Tulepov and Z. A. Mansurov

Coal hydrogenation was carried out at an elevated pressure of hydrogen in the presence of polymers forming pastes (tar, polyethylene and crumb rubber). It is found that when the content of the polymeric material in the mixture less than 10.0% by wt. conversion rate of the mixture in the liquid and gaseous products is not high, which prevents the effective implementation of the process. The degree of coal conversion and the yield of light boiling products are increased with increasing of amount of synthetic resin material in a mixture up to 70.0% per mix weight. The highest indicators of conversion degree of coal (72.1 wt.%) and the yield of liquid products (50.4 wt.%) were observed for composition the mechanical activated coal/tar/concentrate of Balkhash field: 45/45/10. The developed method in the work of producing of liquid from coal products allows to increase an yield of the light boiling hydrocarbon fraction from 12.0 up to 60.0% by mass.

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