Novel method for extraction of cellulose from agricultural and industrial wastes

Author(s): Hathama Razooki Hasan, Muna Hasoon Sauodi

Agricultural and industrial wastes are generated in huge quantities in Iraq and other countries. Generally they are not reused or recycled. The aim of this study was to extract cellulose from different agricultural and industrial waste sources as (rice husk, waste office paper and sugar cane) via fast and simple technique. Cellulose amounting (17.4%, 20%, and 18.2%) were extracted fromthese sources respectively. It can be concluded that the ecofriendly procedure employed in this study for extracting different cellulose sources is very efficient for obtaining good yield of cellulose. The powder X-ray diffraction and FT-IRwere used to characterize the extracted cellulose. In terms of crystallinity and structure behaviours, a comparison with standard cellulose was made and the results showed that the extracted material was cellulose.

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