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Nonlinear Optical Properties of Pure and Dye Doped Nematic Liquid Crystals

Author(s): Abdulazeez O Mousa and Ban A. Naser

The nonlinear optical properties of pure and Rhodamine B dye doped nematic liquid crystals have been investigated by Z-Scan technique, using continuous wave (CW) diode solid state laser at 473 nm wavelength and 20 mW power. The implemented samples are (two nematicliquid crystals (Di-Cinnamylidene benzidine (B1) and (Bis-4-methoxy-benzyldene-hydrazine) (B2), Rhodamine B dye laser (RB), and liquid crystals doped with Rhodamine B dye laser (B1 + RB) and (B2 + RB). The nonlinear refractive index and the nonlinear absorption coefficient have been investigated. Our results show that, the nonlinear optical properties of liquid crystals doped with Rhodamine B dye laser are larger than that of purenematic liquid crystals.

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