New theory on new segment in polymer

Author(s): Yahachiro Matsushita

New segment, formed by a group of two arrays between two main chains, makes up their figure and physical properties. Segment gives two types by temperature, which belongs thermal (under Tg) andmechanical domain (Tm- Tg). Tg happens to reach elongation limit of Tg = 1%. where Tmismelting point, Tg is transition temperature and  is thermal expansion rate. Two domains have the same 1%elongation limit.Although symmetrical structure holding Tg =Tgi shows the same =i in both domains, asymmetry changes 2= 2i inmechanical domain.Where i is componentmolecule. The common  in symmetrical domains supports existence of crystallization. The mechanical moving of horizontal direction happens displacement of C-Cbond less than 8at 1%limit, which all elongation of composite molecules forms a line. Segment having a sturdy structure due to fine stroke by thermal elongation is in charge ofYoung’s modulus in the equation of strength and elongation happens in single main chain.  can use to replace entropy with traditional ways of thinking for polymer.

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