New Spectrophotometric Methods for Studies on Optimization, Immobilization and Kinetic Parameters for the Production of Itaconic Acid by Aspergillus Terreus MTCC 479

Author(s): V. Meena

Itaconic acid is commercially produced by the cultivation of Aspergillus terreus with different carbon sources. Molasses is one of the best carbon sources among various carbohydrates, because it is pure, inexpensive and available in a mass supply. The reaction was carried out at various molasses concentrations, temperatures, incubation time intervals, agitation speed and pH. The present study reveals that the maximum itaconic acid was produced at 35oC, molasses concentration of 10 %, agitation speed of 200 rpm, at 3.5 pH and incubation time of 120 hrs with a yield of 0.4976 g/L, specific growth rate of 0.04199 hr-1 and minimum doubling time of 14.84 hrs. The maximum itaconic acid concentration was obtained for 0.5 cm cube and the concentration doubled after 14 days with immobilized mycelium than free mycelium.

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