New Prepolymer for UV Curable Coatings : Synthesis, Characterization and Photocross Linking of 2-Hydroxy-3-[P-(1-[2-hydroxy-

Author(s): D. Kumar and V. Jaikumar

The new ultraviolet curable prepolymer, 2-hydroxy-3-[ p -(1-{2-hydroxy-3-(isoprophenyl carbonyloxypropoxy]phenyl}cyclopentyl) phenoxy] propylacrylate (BISCEDA) was synthesized by the reaction of p -[1-( p -hydroxyphenyl) cyclopentyl] phenol with cyclopentanone, epoxidation with epichlorohydrin followed by addition reaction with acrylic acid. All synthesized compounds were characterized by 1 H NMR, 13 C NMR and FTIR spectroscopy. An ultraviolet (U V) curable formations were prepared by the prepolymer, BISCEDA (75%), dilu ent, tri(ethyleneglycol)d imethacrylate (25%) and different concentrations of a photoinitiator, 1-hydrox ycyclohexylphenyl ketone and irradiated at 365 nm. The kinetics of the photopolymerization, percent double bond conversion and rate of photopolymerization was studied by FTIR spectroscopy. The results show th at, increasing photoinitiator concentration, increase percent double bond conversion whereas, rate of photopolymerization increase suddenly and then decrease. The swelling measurement was carrie d out by using N, N'-dimethyl formamide as a solvent.

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