New developments on thermal spray processes at CPT from Universitat de Barcelona

Author(s): Sergi Dosta

This presentation will be focused on thermal spray processes that consist of a couple of techniques that are able to produce coatings for the improvement of the required properties. The basic concept of thermal spraying is to deposit a feedstock material that is propelled by a jet zone onto a substrate to grow a coating or even a freestandig part. Thermal Spray Processes are able to produce coatings with nearly any material, from metals, polymers or ceramics, on nearly any surface, because of the large variety of processes could adapt the coating technology to the technical needs of the customer and also to his economic performance.
Some of the developments that will be explained are focused on biomaterials for implant osteointegration, nanocomposites for photocatalytic response, nanostructured coatings for wear and corrosion resistance, or amorphous/metastable alloys with improved properties.



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