New bimetallic bisdithiocarbamate-based macrocyclic complexes; Preparation and spectral characterization

Author(s): Aeed S.Al-Fahdawi, HussainA.Al-Kafajy, Mohamad J.Al-Jeboori, Herman Potgieter

The preparation of dinuclear transition metal(II) dithiocarbamate-basedmacrocyclic and their characterisation are described.Themacrocyclic dithiocarbamate complexeswere synthesised via a one pot reaction using; bis-secondary amine, CS2,KOH and metal(II) chloride. Themode of bonding and over all geometries of thebinuclear complexeswere determined by IR, UV-Vis. NMR, mass spectral, magnetic moment, elemental analysis (C.H.N. S),metal content andmolar conductance.These studies revealed the formation of binuclearmacrocyclic complexes of the general formula[M(L)]2withtetrahedralgeometries forFeII, CoII, ZnII and CdII, and square planer geometrieswith NiII and CuII complexes.

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