New and rare acylated flavone glycosides from the aerial parts of chrozophora rottleri

Author(s): K.Subramani, R.Karnan, M.Sajitha, P.M.Anbarasan

A new and a rare flavones glycosides, characterized as apigenin 7-O-â-D- (3"-E-p-coumaroyl) glucopyranoside and apigenin 7-O-â-D-(6"-E-pcoumaroyl) glucopyranoside respectively, in addition to known flavonoids apigenin, apigenin 7-O-methylether and apigenin 7-O-â-Dglucopyranoside have been isolated fromthe aerial parts of chrozophora rottleri. Detailed 1H NMR, 13CNMR, aswell as positive ESIMS data have been provided for the above compounds.

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