Nd-laser irradiation effects on nano-synthetized Sb-doped-123-cuprate composite

Author(s): Khaled M.Elsabawy

The nano-structured Sb-doped-YBCO (YSb0.1Ba2Cu3O7) pellet which has Tc (Tc-onset = 91.7K and Tc-offset = 84.45K) was selected to be the target for Nd-pulsed laser irradiation source. The pellet was exposured for two different doses of laser beamirradiation the 1st 15W/cm2 for 100min. and 2nd 30 W/cm2 for 200min. The irradiation was carried out in air without any external heating.The energies of pulsed Nd-laser were sufficient to melt homogeneously the surface and near surface layers. SEM Investigations was used for monetoring the nano/microstructural changements as a function of laser irradiation dose. The structural and superconducting properties were investigated carefully as a function of Nd-laser irradiation doses.

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