Naturly Synthesised Ecofriedly Carbohydrate Based Polymeric Surfactants for Liquid Detergents and Powder Detergents

Author(s): Anand D. Deshpande, B. B. Gogte and B. W. Phate

In last five decades there is a common trend to use petroleum products as active and useful ingredients in commercial products like liquid and powd er detergents, paints, printing inks, cosmetics and textiles auxiliaries. Commercial detergent powder use linear alkyl benzene sulphonate in the range of 15- 20%. There is a need to synthesize novel product based on vegetable origins which are ecofriendly and biodegradable. Efforts are necessary to substitute this petroleum based products on novel polymers. The present research work is aimed at develo ping a polymeric surfactants based on sorbitol, maleic anhydride, phthalic anhydride, oxalic acid, citric acid and starch as the polymeric surfactant is based on sorbitol and starch which will have biodegradab le characteristics. It is used in powder detergent and liquid detergent formulation as partial substitute for LABS and AOS. In our laboratory we are working from last two decades on novel polymeric surfactants mainly based on vegetable sources like starch, sorbitol etc. We have deve loped novel polymers which can be used in wall finishes, enamels, printing inks and liquid and powder detergents. We are trying to formulate detergents consisting dolomite, silicate with minimum amount of STPP.

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