Nanotechnology: Its impact on human life

Author(s): Anupam Srivastava*, Atul Shukla

Nanotechnology as a scientific and technological thrust enunciates the best of many opportunities afforded to the Engineering, Scientific and Industrial Communities. The scientific opportunities seem to be considerable, industrial interest is superb and the social benefits are significant fromnewmaterials and new products applicable to information technology, medicine, energy and the environment. Nanotechnology with advancement of production of new nanomaterials opens an entirely new era for scientific innovations which will have great impact on human life. In the prehistoric age ofman’s life on earth, thematerials that were available to himweremainly stone, wood, bone and skin which he learnt to fashion for his use. It is interesting to note that these materials evolved and devised by nature and then by man have provided the insights and models for the design of modern materials.

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