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Nanotechnology: A Therapy Option with Great Prospects and Benefits for Cardiovascular Ailments

Author(s): Rose Jackson

Nanotechnology is a novel means of controlling and utilizing matter at the molecular level, with functional organization measured in nanometers. In his lecture "There's Plenty of Room at the Bottom," profound insight into nanotechnology in the 1950s, Feynman, a charismatic, imaginative, and witty leader, suggested to people that there are no physical barriers to manipulating individual atoms and molecules, and inspired the development of nanotechnology. Smalley discovered the structure of the Nano-macromolecule fullerene, an exquisite and flawless structure with unique properties that have piqued scientists' curiosity in studying additional Nano molecular forms. Nanotechnology, a fascinating science, has seen explosive growth in recent decades. Nanotechnology is strongly linked to medical research because nanoscale events play a significant role in cell signal transmission, enzyme function, and the cell cycle. A nanotechnology is a tool for structural study at the atomic and cellular levels, as well as designing and manufacturing synthetic biomaterials on a nanoscale, with new therapies and alternative materials developing.

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