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Nanotechnology - The invisible revolution?

Author(s): P.Uday Kiran, T.Mani Kumar, Bal Govind Tiwari

The scientific revolution happened in the last two decades has given birth to a new branch called as nanoscience and nanotechnology. This new technology can now offer materials which can act like as store house of human knowledge and to unveil many fundamental secrets of nature and solve several technical difficulties. It is a world of technology witnessing a revolution in the exploration of matter at the small invisible scale. This technology is expected to be the unique bridge for linking the technical gap between the solved and unsolved problems.With the help of this technology, one can detect brain treating diseases like Cancer, AIDS, Alzheimer and many other harmful viruses etc. and this has also brought a revolution in the area of electronics by creating RFID robots and sensors. In this write up, we briefly discuss the potential benefits of nanotechnology and their ground-breaking applications which can make our future better and stronger.

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