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Nano-synthesis of promising families of HTc-superconductors to save electrical loss in the electrical Saudi Arabia net: Freeze dry synthesis of nano-Zr-added-2212-BPSCCO-superconductor

Author(s): Khaled M.Elsabawy, Waheed F.El-Hawary

Saving energy loss through the conduction is the major goal for many advanced countries so superconductors are the essentialmaterial to achieve such these dreams. The present investigations were concerned by synthesis of pure BPSCCO (Bi0.5Pb0.5)2 Sr2Ca1Cu2O8 and its variant zirconiumcontaining compositeswith general formula : Bi1+xZrxPbSr2Ca1Cu2Oz and,where x = 0.1, 0.2 and 0.3 mole % respectively, were prepared via soultion route (Freeze Drying Technique) to obtain nano-product. ZrO2 has a limited effect on themain crystalline superconductive 2212-phase as x amount added increase as indicated in XRDmeasurements. SE-microscopy accompanied with EDX proved that, solution route was the best in the degree of homogneties and exact molar ratios. ZrO2 exhibits strong interactions on Raman spectralmodes of 2212-phase. ZrO2 has a slight effect on Tc’s even withmaximumaddition x = 0.3mole. Finally the application of ZrO2-nanoadditives to the 2212-BPSCCO superconductors enhance the super-conduction mechanism and consequently save too much the amount of electricity loss on the main nets of electricity.

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