Nano-structured catalysts immobilized onto polymer matrices

Author(s): Sevdalina Turmanova

Amonghigh-endtechnological achievements,nanoscience and nano-technologybecame an emblemand symbol of the transition to theXXI century.This is so since the small group of atomswith the same or different chemical naturegenerates properties essentiallydifferent fromthose of periodic solid state, due to its fundamentallynewmolecular arrangement or different degree of self-arrangement, specific structure, peculiar nature of the chemical bonds,manifestations of specificityin the interactions between the atomsor groups of atoms.Nano-sciencewith its scientific basis and nanotechnologywith the technical and technological backgroundmade “revolutionary” debut and are applied in electronics,microelectronics andcommunication, aviationand astronautics,power production andmetallurgy, chemical industryand, inthis respect, catalysis

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