Mouth Disintegrating Tablets Of Taste-Masked Tramadol HCl

Author(s): M.R.Shiradkar, Asmita Deshpande, Priyanka Borude, A.R.Madgulkar, M.Nagashekhar

Tramadol HCl is used as opioid anlgesic in severe acute or chronic pain, cancer pain or post operative pain and is bitter drug. The purpose of research work was focused on taste masking of the tramadol HCl and further development of the drug in mouth disintegrating tablets. Ion exchange resins, Indion 204 and Indion 234 were used with a view to mask the taste of the drug. Tablet formulations were prepared using wet granulation and direct compression techniques. All formulations were subjected to post compression parameters like uniformity of thickness, hardness, friability test, weight variation and drug content uniformity, all these parameters were within pharmacopoeial limits. Formulations FW 6 and FD 2 showed 102.34±1.34 and 101.94±1.54% of drug release after 15 minute respectively. Volunteer did not feel bitter taste with these formulations (FW 6 and FD 2). These selected formulations were subjected for stability studies and were found to be stable for 3 month at 45±50C/75±5% RH with insignificant changes in all post compression parameters.

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