Morphology and optoelectrical properties study of nano/micro structures silicon layer prepared by photo electrochemical and electrochemical etching

Author(s): Nadir F.Habubi, Raid A.Ismail, Hasan A.Hadi

In this work, Electrochemical Etching, (ECE) and Photo Electrochemical Etching, (PECE) were used to produce porous silicon for p-type and n-type (111) orientation. The Root-mean-square (RMS) surface roughness is a commonly accepted parameter to describe surface by imaging techniquesAtomic Force Microscopic (AFM) was used to analyse the surface sample. The effect of type substrate on a surface porous morphology by optical microscope have been examined. the dependence of porous silicon morphology on fabrication conditions and the link between morphology, photocurrent, and energy gap of porous silicon layer (PS)have been determined.

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