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Morphological study of novel architecture titanium dioxide nanowires decorated polyaniline nanocomposites and its electrical properties

Author(s): Ahmed M.Youssef

Polyaniline-Titanium nanowires (PANi/TiO2 nanowires) composites were prepared in presence of organic/inorganic acid medium. Firstly, TiO2 nanoparticals (P25) were converted to TiO2 nanowires through hydrothermal process using 10% NaOH, subsequently the aniline was polymerized by the addition of ammonium persulfate in the presence of acetic acid and sulfuric acid medium using 10 % TiO2 nanowires to form PANi/TiO2 nanowires composites. The prepared composites have been characterized byUV-Visible and FT-IR. TheUV-Visible spectra and composites exhibited an additional band at around 445nm, which represents the formation of polyaniline in the presence of TiO2 nanowires. The FT-IR spectra of the PANi/TiO2 nanowires composites demonstrates the change of the intensity of the bands at 1595 and 1468 cm-1 correspond to C = Cof quinoid and benzoid rings as compared to that of pure PANi, which reveals that the PANi in the composites is richer in quinoid units than the pure PANi. The SEM and TEM distinguished that the morphology of the PANi/TiO2 nanowires composites varied from 1D nanofibers to 2D leaves and 3D granules and rose-like micro/nanostructures depends on the reaction conditions. Moreover, the electrical conductivity of the prepared composites showed no significant decrease in conductivity compare with pure polyaniline prepared in absence of TiO2 nanowires this due to the network structure of TiO2 nanowires and to be in the order of 10-2 S/ cm in case of using acetic acid and 10 S/cm in case of using sulfuric acid.

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