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Mordant Dyes Derived From 4-(2-Phenyl-4-Oxo-3-Quinazolinyl)-4'- Amino Diphenyl Sulfone and its Studies as M(II) - Schiff Base Complexes

Author(s): S. B. Mehta, Raksha V. Zala and P. N. Dave

The aim of this study is to determine the stability constant and dyeing characteristics of some quinazoline metal complexes as M (II) - Schiff base complex systems. The Schiff bases derived from condensation of 4-(2-phenyl-4-oxo-3-quinazolinyl)-4'-aminodiphenyl sulfone with different aldehydes are, 4-(2-phenyl-4-oxo-3-quinazolinyl) -4' (benzylidine)-amino diphenyl sulfone [PBADS]; 4-(2-phenyl- 4-oxo-3"-quinazolinyl)-4'(2-chloro benzylidine)-amino diphenyl sulfone [P-2- CBADS]; 4-(2-phenyl-4- oxo-3-quinazolinyl)-4' (2-hydroxy-l- naphthylmethine)-amino diphenyl sulfone [P-2- HNMADS] and 4- (2-phenyl-4-oxo-3-quinazolinyl)-4'(2- hydroxy benzylidine)-amino diphenyl sulfone [P-2- HBADS].

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