Monitoring the Fluoride Concentration in the Ground Water of Tea Gardens and Brick Industry Areas of Dibrugarh District, Assam, India

Author(s): Jitumoni Borah

In this study, ground water samples collected from different locations of the Dibrugarh district were measured for fluoride concentration and some other physico-chemical properties. Water samples were collected from tea gardens and brick industry areas of the district in the month of January-February of 2011. Ground water of the study area was found slightly acidic in nature with pH range 5.3-7.3. Ion selective electrode method is employed for measuring the fluoride concentration. Fluoride level is found in the range from 0.0222 to 0.5789 mg/L, which is quite below the maximum permissible level, 1.5 mg/L. No case of fluorosis was found in the study area.

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