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Momentum Wheels Used in Spacecrafts-An Overview

Author(s): Ayushi Goel

Throughout the history of house flight, flywheels are accustomed stabilize and purpose satellite of every type. These flywheels area unit enforced as management moment gyros or reaction wheels, that are noted as momentum wheels. A reaction wheel could have a nominal mounted spin speed or a nominal spin speed of zero. once force is applied to the wheel the opposing moment rotates the satellite. Reaction wheels area unit helpful once the satellite should be turned by a awfully bit, like once inform at a star or target. Reaction wheels area unit additional common in smaller satellite. In distinction, CMGs spin incessantly making rotating mechanism moment. Mounted in motorized gizmo, tilting the spin axis of the CMG with regard to the reference system of the satellite will manufacture massive steering force with little power. CMGs area unit found in satellite of all sizes, up to and as well as the International satellite.
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