Molecular Transport of Chloromethanes Through EPDM/PVC Systems

Author(s): C. P. Mohamed Kutty, M. Sunilkumar, A. Sujith and M. Jahfar

The transport behavior of EPDM/PVC composites has been investigated using the three halogenated hydrocarbons; methylene chloride, chloroform and carbon tetrachloride, which are part of the homologous series of the chloromethanes, as probe molecules. Sulphur and peroxide were used for crosslinking the matrix. The dependence of the transport property on crosslink density, nature of penetrants and type of crosslinking system was studied. A peculiarity can be seen among the group of chloromethanes, i.e. sorption increases with increasing number of chlorine atoms or molar volume, as it would be predicted from simple solubility parameter considerations. The mechanism of transport was found to be deviated slightly from Fickian trend. The differences in the equilibrium uptake can be explained on the basis of morphological changes

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