Molecular Interaction Studies in Ternary Glycine + (Aqueous Thiourea) Solutions at 298.15 K

Author(s): S. D. Deosarkar, A. R. Ban, P. D. Tawde and R. T. Sawale

Partial molar volumes ( φ 0 v ) and viscosity B -coefficients of glycine + aqueous thiourea solutions (0.5 and 1.5 mol·dm -3 ) were determined at 298.15 K using Masson ( φ v = φ 0 v + S v × √ c ) and Jones-Dole relation ( η r -1/ √ c = A + B × √ c ), respectively. Partial molar volumes of transfer ( Δ tr φ 0 v ) and B -coefficients of transfer of glycine at infinite dilution from pure water to aqueous-thiourea solutions were calculated. Strong solute-solvent interactions strengthening w ith thiourea concentration and hydrophilic-hydrophilic as well as ion-hydrophilic or ion-polar interactions were observed in the these systems.

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