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Modification of Polypropylene-Starch Blend by Eggshell Nano-Particle, EVA and Maleic Anhydride to Improve Biodegradability and Thermal Properties

Author(s): Mousavi SM, Hashemi SA, Amani AM, Moujodi F, Hamedfateh A and Zarei M

Starch as an inexpensive and renewable source is used as a filler in plastics industry for about two decades. In current study, the blend of polypropylene and thermoplastic starch is modified by eggshell nano-particles and mechanical property of the prepared samples is investigated through break point and young modulus tests. In order to improve the compatibility between hydrophilic starch and polypropylene, of maleic anhydride and ethylene vinyl acetate are used as a compatibilizer to enhance the dispersion and the interfacial affinity in thermoplastic starch and polypropylene blend. Then the biodegradability and surface morphology of prepared samples is studied considering weight loss, FTIR and SEM tests. Mechanical results showed that strain at break point and Young’s modulus specifications are improved in the prepared samples. The results showed that adding starch to polypropylene increases biodegradability and results lower hydroxyl groups in prepared sample.

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