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Modeling Using the Response Surface Methodology the Activation Process of Moroccan Oil Shale for Removal of Cd (II)

Author(s): Nawal Elhammoudi, Mina Oumam, Abdelkrim Abourriche, Said Mansouri, Az-iddin Chham and Hassan Hannache

This study for the first time designed to modeling and optimize of activation process for removal of cadmium (II) ions by adsorption on Moroccan oil shale using the response surface methodology. The optimal activation parameters selection was carried out on the basis of three factors by central composite design (CCD). The factors that have been identified are: activation temperature, activation time and massic ratio (mH2SO4/mYC). The capacity of adsorption of the Cd (II), was chosen as a response. The measured parameters were found in accordance with the predicted values with a coefficient of determination (R2) of 0.92. The model has been confirmed by experimental tests to validate the results obtained. Based on the equation of the model and the desirability function, the activation temperature and activation time significantly effect of the adsorption capacity of Cd (II) ions. According to optimal activation conditions obtained using prediction profiler, the powder of oil shale mixed with H2SO4 at 213.8°C during 30 min in a ratio of 1.76, the adsorption capacity of Cd (II) ions is 68.38 (mg/g), the specific BET surface area of activated oil shale equal to 181.35 (m2/g).

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