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Modeling and Experimentation on DPHE to Study Temperature Deviation Along with Passive Heat Transfer Augmentation Technique

Author(s): P. B. Dehankar, S. G. Galande, P. T. Desai, G. A. Khandekar and S. V. Desai

Heat exchanger are widely using in the process industries to recover heat between two process fluids. Although, the necessary equations for heat transfer and the pressure drop in a double pipe heat exchanger (DPHE) are available, using these equations the optimization for heat transfer parameter to standardization of experimental set up in laboratory. In present paper, we prepared the mathematical model for DPHE and validated by experimental work in laboratory. The mathematical model solve the two parameter as outlet temperature for cold fluid (T4) and hot fluid (T2) applying four parameter as inlet temperature and mass flow rate using Newton rapson method. The predicted result comparing with the result obtained from performing experiment work on the lab scale DPHE. In this study, work has been done on smooth pipe and passive method as heat transfer augmentation technique to increases the maximum recovery of heat using twisted tape having twist ration y1 = 4.3 and y2 = 7.7. The temperature deviation predicted by model validated with experimental values and it has been additional 6oC by y1 = 4.3 and 4.5oC by y2 = 7.7 than smooth tube as heat recovery from hot fluid to the cold fluid in the mass flow rate between 0.02-0.07 kg/s.


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