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Mobile Commerce in the Line of E-Commerce: Emphasizing Security Matters and Solutions-A Conceptual Overview

Author(s): P. K. Paul, A. Bhuimali, R. Senthamarai and D. Chatterjee

Mobile is today one of the important name in our life. Initially it was treated as a device for voice communication. But days are gone when it derived only as a vocal communication device. Today mobile is treated more than that, today it is device for text, messaging, audio and video communication. Today it is comes as multimedia device where one can view details from opposite side. Several business opportunities are possible with mobile. The business opportunities and possibilities with mobile make a new domain called mobile commerce or M-commerce in short. This paper is talks about mobile commerce; including its need and benefits in contemporary market. Paper also touches security issues related to mobile commerce and also find out some possible solutions from M-commerce threats.

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