Mixed Micelles of n-Alkylpyridinium Bromide and Triton X-100 in Aqueous Media

Author(s): Shailendra Kumar Parihar and Ashok K. Goswami

The mixed micellization process of binary mixtures formed by n-alkylpyridinium bromide including tetradecylpyridinium bromide (C14PB), dodecylpyridnium bromide (C12PB), decylpyridinium bromide (C12PB) and tert-octylphenylpolyoxyethylene ether (Triton X-100) was examined, by surface tension method. The mixed CMC (C*) values were determined and in all cases a negative deviation from the ideal behavior was observed. However, the interaction parameter () as given by regular solution theory (RST) was found to be dependent on the micellar composition.

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