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Mixed Ligand Complex of Ni(II) with Schiff Base Ligands derived from Isatin and its Bromo Derivative: Synthesis, Characterization and Biological Screening

Author(s): Seema, SumanKumari and MamtaRanka*

Recently, isatin is considered interesting heterocyclic compound due to its wide range of biological activities. Our present work reports synthesis of two Schiff bases L1, L2 prepared by condensation of phenylhydrazine with isatin and 5-bromoisatin respectively, employing a method different from reported one. Synthesized ligands are 3-(2-phenylhydrazinyl)indol-2-one named as PHIO (L1) and 5-bromo-3-(2-phenylhydrazinyl)indol-2-one named as BPHIO (L2). Further, an attempt was made to synthesize a ternary complex using NiCl2.6H2O as metal salt and L1 and L2 as ligands. All above synthesized ligands and complex are characterized by physicochemical analysis, elemental analysis, molecular weight determination, molar conductance measurement and various spectral techniques (UV, FTIR, Mass spectroscopy etc). In continuation of our research work, all newly synthesized compounds were screened against selective bacterial strains S. aureus,P. aeruginosa and one fungal pathogen C.albicans and results were compared with standard. We are further interested in recognition of pharmacophores to widen their applications in pharmacological and medical fields.

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