Mixed Ligand Complex Formation of Cu (II) with Propiophenone Derivatives and Amino Acids

Author(s): M. B. Swami and S. K. Akuskar

Equilibrium studies on the formation of binary M-L and ternary M-L-B complexes, where M = Cu and L = 5-Cl ,2-hydroxy propiophenone and 2-hydroxy propiophenone as primary ligand and amino acids as secondary ligands have been studied potentiometrically by Irving-Rossotti technique in 60% (v/v) ethanol. water medium at 25 ± 0.1ºC and at constant 0.1M NaClO4 ionic strength. All the ligands forms 1 : 1 : 1 ternary complexes. The relative stability of ternary complexes expressed in terms of statistical parameter ;log k and negative ;log k values suggest that the formation of ternary complexes are favorable and variation of ;log k has been explained in terms of metal-ligand- interaction size of chelate ring and steric factors.

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