Mixed - Ligand Organometallic Complexes of Pt-Group Metals with Triphenyl Phosphine and Heterocyclic Thioamides

Author(s): R. N. Pandey, Gunjan Kumari, Amaresh Kumar and Rajnish Kr. Singh

Mixed-ligand organometallic complexes of Pt-group metals with triphenyl phosphine and 4- amino-3-hydrazino-5-mercapto-1, 2, 4, triazole have been prepared and characterised using various physico-chemical techniques. The rhodium (I), palladium (II) and platinum (II) complexes are square planar but ruthenium (II), rhodium (III) and iridium (III) complexes have octahedral configuration. The value of crystal field parameters and Far – IR specta confirm their assigned structure.

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