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Milky Shine on the Surface of Zisha Pot: Analysis and Research Using Microscopy Imaging

Author(s): Lily Zheng

 In material research, optical imaging has provided special benefits that electron or scanning probe microscopy cannot match, such as spectroscopy and lifespan assessments of deeply buried materials. The first unique feature that distinguishes Zisha teapots from other tea ware is that they are made of a particularly absorbent substance. Researchers have made numerous attempts to increase optical imaging resolution. Super-resolution optical imaging has yet to be extensively used with non-biological materials despite recent rapid advancement. Here, we describe a technique for super-resolution parameter indirect microscopy imaging of the Milky Shine on the Surface of Zisha Pot. Additionally, we have shown that PIMI images offer superior surface resolution than a typical image. China is the only country with the peculiar pottery heritage known as Zisha. The resolution of reported PIMI photos of the Zisha pot is close to 50 nm, which is substantially better than that of traditional images.

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