Microwave Assisted Synthesis of 3-Amino-5-methyl Isoxazole Schiff Bases

Author(s): K. Sathish Kumar, Vijay Kumar Chityala, N. J. P. Subhashini and Shivaraj

Isoxazole Schiff bases derived from 3-amino-5-methyl isoxazole with various substituted salicylaldehydes were non-conventionally synthesized by microwave assisted method. Conventional methods for synthesis of Schiff bases require refluxing at 60-80oC of the reactants in different solvents for at least 3 h or more, where as the microwave-assisted synthesis has brought down the reaction time from 3 h to 30 sec. The procedure reported is simple as it requires very lesser amount of organic solvents and the time has been reduced to only 30 sec. Comparative yields of all compounds by different methods revealed that the yield is low in conventional method (70-81%) as compared to microwave assisted synthesis (90- 95%). The compounds were characterized by FT-IR, 1H NMR and 13C NMR spectroscopic data.

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