Microwave Assisted Solvent Free Synthesis of Some Substituted Benzothiazoles over Zeolite

Author(s): Manish Kumar Rawal, Kirti Shrimali, Amit Sahu, Diwaker Sitha, V. K. Sharma and Pinki B. Punjabiq

 The synthesis of 2-arylidene-hydrazinobenzothiazole, 2-(2-substituted arylidenehydrazino) - benzothiazoles and 2-(2-substituted aryl-1, 3-thiazolidine-4-one)-2-iminobenzothiazoles using 2- mercaptobenzothiazole as a starting material over NaY zeolite under microwave irradiation has been described. This method is clean, fast, efficient, low cost and environmentally benign.  

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