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Microemulsions and Micellar Systems as Increasingly Popular Carriers of Biologically Active Compounds and Drugs – Review

Author(s): Mahdieh Raoofi Asl Soofiani * and Hanna Wilczura-Wachnik

In the past and more recently, microemulsions containing biological compounds have increased the interest of researchers. They have shown great potential in cosmetics, medicines, detergents. They are also used in combinations of many natural/biocompatible compounds in the continuous or dispersed phase, which is otherwise challenging to formulate. Natural compounds are complex mixtures that contain compounds of different chemical nature; when combined in compounds and have universal therapeutic activity, they act alone or in combination with other compounds. In the present study, In this article, we intend to provide a summary of the structure and properties of microemulsion and micellar systems and their applications in various industries, including pharmaceuticals and food.

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