Microbial Resistivity of Substituted Organic Phosphate (2,4,6-trichloro Aniline Phosphoromonoamidate-Barium Salt)

Author(s): Nimisha Kaur Bhamra

The study of microbial activity has been done for phosphoromonoamidate against authentic sample of pathogenic bacteria like E. Coli and Bacillus species, fungi like fusarium oxysporum, Rhyzotonia batacicola. In this investigation, the effect of phosph oromonoamide (2,4,6-trich loro aniline phosphoro monoamidate-barium salt) under study on different fungi was determined by poisoned food technique. The principle involved was to poison the nutrient medium with a fungi toxicant and then allowing a text fungus to grow on such a medium. For B acterial species streak agar technique was use. In the PDA media required quantity of test compound was added. The in oculums were streaked ver tically and horizontally and the growth was determined.

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