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Method of Fingerprint Identification and Deduction of For Automated Teller Machine Using GSM

Author(s): B. Sivachandra Mahalingam*, M. D. Safder Ali Khan, Santosh Kumar Yadav and Deepak Kumar Ravi

In this paper, fingerprint identification has received more and more attention and has been widely used because of its distinctiveness, stability and acceptability. Efforts for fingerprint identification are mainly focused on: an identifying the system of one or more steps of automatic fingerprint verification. Using multiple sources of a fingerprint to get a higher accuracy for security purpose. Though fingerprint identification is widely used now, in areas such as ATM, the access control of nuclear power stations, etc. For high security applications, particularly low false accept rate and as low as possible false reject rate are desired at the same time, which is called double low problem. In this paper, a method of fingerprint identification concept is conveyed for an ATM machine to be functioned or accessed by authorized person. Only 6.6% fingerprints are falsely rejected on the average under zero false accept rate with our method.

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